When an insurance enrollment is needed, the CAQH database provides some level of information for forms processing as well as sharing your CAQH profile with health care plans. By maintaining a current CAQH profile, insurance plans participating with CAQH will have quicker access to your current credentialing information.

Elite Credentialing Services can help obtain your CAQH ID and complete your online CAQH profile. After the initial enrollment, we complete routine maintenance of (1) attesting to information accuracy (on a quarterly basis) and (2) updating supporting documents to keep your CAQH information current. We also assist with completion of payer-network and facility-privilege applications.

Maintaining a complete CAQH profile is an important step in commercial insurance credentialing and contracting with payers who participate with CAQH. However, there are other tasks to be performed to complete your credentialing. CAQH is just one of the tools that support a more efficient provider enrollment with health plans.

For more information also see What is a CAQH? on the FAQs list